Changan Automobile launches new tech brand ‘Zhuge Intelligence’
2022/08/18   From: Gasgoo

Changan Automobile today announced the launch of a new technology brand, dubbed “Zhuge Intelligence” at the automaker's annual technology ecosystem conference.

Under the newborn brand, the company is dedicated to developing three core experiences, namely “Zhuge Interaction”, “Zhuge Intelligent Driving”, and “Zhuge Ecosystem”, so as to endow its new vehicle models with high-level intelligence features.

It is surmised that the brand is named after Zhuge Liang, who is recognized as the most accomplished strategist of the Three Kingdoms period.


At the launch event, Changan Automobile unveiled a fire new concept, the CD701 Prototype.

The new concept features a sealed-off grille with an unmistakable C-shaped daytime running light strip on both sides. The fastback-style roofline and the five-spoke petal-like wheels indicate a low air resistance of the vehicle. The design of the taillight cluster echoes that of the front.

With a minimalistic design, the interior adopts a light-colored solution to create a sense of comfort and elegance. The futuristic steering wheel and the massive main screen at the center console will attract many tech-savvy viewers.

According to Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, the CD701 Prototye is the automaker's first “new model” to ride on its super digital platform for smart cars, “SDA”.