China sets plan for L3 and higher-level advanced autonomous driving application
2021/12/30   From:Gasgoo

       China’s Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission released the informatization plan for the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025)  (the Plan), including plans for V2X and autonomous driving development within the country.


First of all, according to the Plan, the government plans on promoting V2X application innovative demonstration. The specific measurements include building V2X pilot zones on a national level, accelerating the construction of intelligent connected vehicle road infrastructure and 5G-V2X demonstration network, improving the synergetic capability between “human, vehicle, road, cloud, network” through onboard intelligent equipment, road-side communication equipment, road infrastructure and intelligent control infrastructure, realizing L3 and higher levels of advanced autonomous driving application.

Secondly, the innovative application demonstration regarding intelligent port systems is also encouraged. The Plan listed several measurements, including building port information infrastructure based on the 5G network, Beidou Navigation Satellite System, and IoT technologies, forming a comprehensive perceptual and connected port-vehicle synergetic intelligent system. Moreover, expanding the application of automated container wharf operation systems and remote operation technologies is also applauded.

The reformation of new-generation autonomous port and storage yard is promoted. In order to enhance port linkage, the government plans to further the autonomous driving demonstration for container trucks within the harbors and under collecting and distributing scenarios.

Additionally, an energy network is also included in the Plan. Specifically, the government aims to build an optimized and balanced energy management system, allowing real-time monitoring, online analysis, and dispatch for regional energy information. The government will push forward the mutual interaction between electric vehicles and intelligent grid, forming an intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure system with ample charging piles.