JAC electric light trucks delivered in batches to DHL Brazil
2021/11/16   From:JAC MOTORS

Recently, good news came from the Brazilian market. 30 electric light trucks were delivered to Brazil's DHL company. As one of the world's largest logistics companies, DHL has extremely strict requirements on product brand, quality, service, and warranty. JAC is also the first Chinese light truck brand purchased by DHL in Latin America!


At the beginning of 2021, the "Carbon Peak" and "Carbon Neutral" strategies were proposed, which undoubtedly provided an infinite fertile ground for the development of new energy, and China's automobile industry is also advancing rapidly on the road of new energy technology development. For the Brazilian market, JAC deployed ahead of schedule and responded actively, becoming the first brand to introduce electric light trucks in the Brazilian market. From January to September 2021, JAC delivered more than 100 electric light trucks in the Brazilian market in batches. Among the light truck segments, JAC has achieved remarkable results as the first Chinese brand.
    JAC and dealers arranged test training and driving training before the test for DHL customer use scenarios, and provided a fixed charging pile charging solution
then followed the car test to understand the customer's use scenario, daily driving speed, driving distance, and use area. According to the customer's post-uploading requirements, the corresponding adaptability improvements shall be made. After multiple rounds of testing and the purchase and use of the first prototype vehicle, DHL expressed recognition for the excellent quality and perfect solution of JAC electric light trucks. The CEO of DHL Brazil Logistics Company praised the excellent quality of JAC. The subsequent batch orders are also a matter of course. At the same time, DHL Logistics Brazil stated that it will continue to cooperate with JAC electric light trucks in the future.
    The batch delivery of new energy commercial vehicles marks a new stage of JAC's international business. Next, JAC will continue to accelerate the development of overseas markets and globalization. Deliver safer, more eco-friendly, more energy-efficient, and smarter new energy commercial vehicles to the world, contribute own strength to China's intelligent manufacturing.