China's Hongqi sedans gain popularity in Saudi Arabia
2021/07/09   From:From: China Daily



A total of 234 Hongqi sedans and SUVs have left the Port of Tianjin in North China for Saudi Arabia, as vehicles from China's oldest premium vehicle brand are getting popular in the largest country in the Middle East.

The shipment came after parent company FAW brought 400 Hongqi vehicles into Saudi Arabia in late 2020 in its push to explore overseas markets.

The Hongqi brand and its models were launched in the country on April 12, and up to 46 vehicles were sold on the same day, said the carmaker on Thursday.

FAW said the flagship H9 sedans and the HS5 SUVs are the most popular Hongqi models in Saudi Arabia.

The H9 is well received among the middle and upper class, and FAW said it has received over 100 orders for the model. "The office of the Crown Prince has ordered 20 H9 sedans," said the carmaker.

FAW said it will open Hongqi showrooms in the cities of Dammam and Riyadh this month, following the first in Jeddah that opened in April, to further explore the Saudi Arabian market.

Hongqi, which was known for its limousines for state leaders, has also made into European and Southeast Asian markets.

Established in 1958, the brand is seeing its popularity soaring in China following a rejuvenation campaign in 2018.

A total of 118,000 Hongqi-branded vehicles were sold from January to May, up 116 percent year-on-year, according to FAW.

The group plans to double its 2020 sales of Hongqi vehicles to 400,000 units this year. Hongqi has rolled out multiple high-end models as well as new-energy vehicles.

A total of 17 new models will be launched by 2025 to cultivate a larger following, said the brand.