JJE Is Awarded Its Largest Production Contract by North America Customer
2021/06/28   From:JJE

 JJE North America, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jing-Jin Electric Technologies, has been nominated by a large US automotive OEM for a 200kW 3-in-1 Electric Drive Module (EDM).  The EDM will be applied to multiple Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) platforms for the customers high-end and mid-market brands across North American, European, and Asia-Pacific markets.  Starting in 2022, JJE will produce the EDM in its newly established, highly automated manufacturing facility located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  This nomination represents the largest single production award in JJEs history. 

JJEs newest generation Electric Drive Module (EDM), is a fully integrated 3-in-1 transverse-mounted system.  It is comprised of a 16,000 rpm electric motor with hair-pin winding technology, paired with a high power density Power Inverter Module, integrated park lock control, and a high capacity gearbox.  The EDM system features over 200kW of peak power, over 4,000Nm of output torque, with very high output speed capability.  Features also include high continuous power, high efficiency, with ultra-low noise and low mass attributes.  The EDM also features JJEs unique water and oil compound cooling in both motor and gearbox.  This cooling technology is the most powerful with no associated oil pump losses and improving overall operating efficiency.    The system achieves ASIL-D functional security level, the highest class in the industry.


JJE 200kW 3-in-1 Electric Drive Module


We are very excited to be awarded this program, after competing with many of the top global suppliers. This business signifies JJEs progress and growth into a full-service system supplier and we are truly on forefront of electrification design and development, says Mike Duhaime, JJEs Vice President and President of JJE North America, With our North American Headquarters based in Michigan we are continuing to bring our capabilities closer to our customers. Localized engineering and manufacturing facilities combined with the utilization of globally sourced materials, enables collaborative product development with our customers.  Furthermore, with our North American presence, JJE North America, LLC is able to enhance just-in-time production, supply chain efficiency and quality metrics.