Mostafa: This Truck Is My Home
2021/06/11   From: JAC MOTORS


It's harvest season again. Mostafa from Bangladesh is about to embark on a new journey together with his old buddy.

Running around for a living is certainly exhausting,but fortunately,you can bring me the warmth of home.




Moving car Leaving the village behind Through known roads,On the moving road People find closure with each other.
       Travel through the distant path,Leaving behind the rows of light. To go on faster,I know home awaits at the end of the road,which goes on.Every conversation with the truck in leisure time,is like confiding in homesickness to an old friend.
       Fueling with the soul,The journey arrives at the end,Fortunately with you,we have a safe journey.Drivers spend their days&nights with the JAC truck. Through the long journeys drivers share there sorrows and happiness with the truck.
       At the end of day JAC truck becomes close like a house,trustworthy like a family. Tribute to every ordinary and great truck driver
JAC,My truck,My home