Chinese indigenous auto brands to show off key new models at Auto Shanghai 2021
2021/04/21   From: Gasgoo

The biennial Auto Shanghai is about to be open next Monday. Chinese indigenous brands will bring a host of new vehicles to the grand auto exhibition to greatly impress the public. Gasgoo hereby selected some prominent models to give you a preview.

Last month, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Holding) announced the launch of the smart EV brand “ZEEKR” and released the name of the first ZEEKR-branded production model, the “ZEEKR 001”. The vehicle is the mass-produced version of the Lynk & Co ZERO concept, which made its debut at the Auto China 2020.

According to Geely, the ZEEKR 001 will make its world's debut on April 15 and be showcased at the Auto Shanghai 2021. It is expected for sale no earlier than August this year.

The new model's exterior stays true to that of the ZERO Concept, while it bears the new logo particularly designed for ZEEKR brand.

The ZEEKR 001 measures 4,850mm long, 1,980mm wide and 1,530mm tall with a wheelbase of 2,999mm. The size makes it play in the league of full-sized sedans.

Featuring an interior that will appeal to tech-savvy consumers, the vehicle will be equipped with an 8.8-inch liquid crystal dashboard and a 15.4-inch console-mounted display.

The ZEEKR 001 rides on Geely's SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform. It will come with two driving methods based on the number of electric motors. The all-wheel-drive one can zip from 0-100km/h within 4 seconds and the 110kWh battery pack offers it a combined range of over 700km.

Geely to exhibit new CMA-based Xingyue L

The Xingyue L, Geely Auto's third CMA (Compact Modular Architecture)-based model, made its world premiere earlier this week and will be exhibited at the forthcoming auto exhibition as well. 


The new SUV, previously known as “KX11” in code name, has a front featuring a concise and classy design. Up front, vertical slates are framed by Geely's refreshed “expanding cosmos” grille, which is flanked by squarish headlights. For each cluster, the two rows of LED daytime running lights that are split into three dashes also make the front unmistakable.

Positioned as a mid-sized SUV, the Xingyue L measures 4,770mm long, 1,895mm wide and 1,689mm tall with a wheelbase that spans 2,845mm.

The powerful essence of the side view is underscored by prominent creases that stretch from the edge of headlights to the rear lamps, creating an image of constant motion even when still. Other notable cues of the side profile include sculpted doors, large-sized side windows and a comparatively flat roofline.

The taillight cluster running across the rear also underlines the stylishness for the vehicle.

Powering the vehicle will be the Volvo Drive-E 2.0T four-cylinder engine that comes with two maximum outputs—160kW and 175kW. The engine will be mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Changan Automobile to launch all-new CS55 PLUS

Changan Automobile is about to launch the second-generation CS55 PLUS at the Auto Shanghai 2021. The all-new version will be sold via the same marketing channels as that of the existing CS55 PLUS. 


All-new Changan CS55 PLUS; photo credit: Changan Automobile

Adopting Changan's latest family design language, the new CS55 PLUS features a massive dot-matrix front that is flanked by slender headlights. The red trims at the fog light areas accentuate a sense of youth.

Regarding the side profile, the sleek character lines make the all-new version distinguished from the squarish styling of the existing one.

Overall, the all-new CS55 PLUS measures 4,515mm long, 1,865mm wide and 1,680mm tall. It has a wheelbase of 2,656mm, 6mm longer than that of the outgoing version.

Under the hood, the new SUV is powered by a Blue Whale 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that churns out up to 188PS, hooked up to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Combined fuel consumption of the new model is 5.9L per 100 kilometers.

GAC Trumpchi to kick off presale of EMPOW sedan

GAC Trumpchi is about to start presale of the EMPOW (named “Yingbao” in Chinese), the first sports sedan model based on GAC's GPMA (Global Platform Modular Architecture) platform, at the auto exhibition in Shanghai.


Trumpchi EMPOW; photo credit: GAC Trumpchi

The automaker names the exterior design of the EMPOW55 as a “war machine” that is supposed to create a powerful visual attack. As for the front, the large hexagonal grille with airfoil-shaped design, the unmistakable LED headlights and the aggressive air intake all give the sedan a sporty demeanor. 

Featuring a sculpted side profile, the EMPOW55 carries black door mirrors, large-sized alloy wheels and a fastback-styled roof that runs over the top of the window line.

Continuing this sporty essence, the rear end features sloping taillights and vertical rear air intakes on either side.

The EMPOW55 offers two engine options. The 1.5-liter turbocharged engine is good for 130kW and 270 N·m, paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, while the 2.0-liter turbocharged is mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

GWM to begin presale of WEY Mocha

At the Auto Shanghai, Great Wall Motor (GWM) will begin taking orders of the WEY Mocha SUV, the first production model powered by the “Coffee Intelligence” platform.

Adopting a new design language as a whole and simple body lines, the Mocha delivers a young visual effect. The front face uses a large-sized hexagonal grille with its interior decorated with vertical chrome-plated dot-matrix elements of varying lengths. The central WEY brand's logo highlights a tridimensional effect. Besides, the slender headlights and the vertical polygonal air intake make the new model more recognizable. 

Regarding the side of the car body, a raised line stretching from the headlight eyebrow to the front door, coupled with the waistlines extending to the taillight cluster, helps reduce the vehicle's visual center of gravity. Moreover, the Mocha carries 21-inch double five-spoke wheels that also exude sense of power.

According to GWM, the Mocha will be equipped with Qualcomm's 8155 auto-grade chipsets, AR-HUD (augmented-reality head-up displays), Level 3 autonomous driving domain controller as well as the automotive-grade 5G+V2X system and LiDAR.

The new vehicle is likely to come in both fuel-burning and plug-in hybrid versions. The oil-fuel one is powered by an E20N 2.0T engine that pumps out up to 157kW and uses the Miller cycle to deliver a thermal efficiency of over 38%. The PHEV version will get power through the combined efforts of an E20N 2.0T engine and an electric motor.

XPeng to open presale of third production model P5

XPeng will start presale of the P5, its third mass-produced model just launched on April 14, at the splendid motor show. 

With a length of 4808mm and wheel base of 2768mm, the P5 is positioned as a compact sedan. Notably, it is also the company's first sedan model.

As for exterior, the P5 features a sleek aerodynamic profile complemented by a neat fastback with an unobtrusive ducktail. The X-shaped headlights and taillights echo XPeng's logo, making the car rather unmistakable.

The startup said the P5 is the world's first mass-produced smart electric vehicle (EV) model equipped with automotive LiDAR technology. Located at the car's front, the double-prism LiDAR units are capable of distinguishing pedestrians, cyclists and scooters, static obstacles and road works in challenging scenarios such as night and low-light conditions, backlighting, and alternating light and dark illumination in tunnels.

The P5 will bring Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) capabilities to city roads for the first time in a production vehicle, powered by XPeng’s full-stack in-house developed autonomous driving system XPILOT 3.5.

WM Motor to begin delivering W6 at Auto Shanghai

WM Motor will start volume delivery of the W6, its third production model, at the Auto Shanghai 2021.

The W6 offers consumers a choice between ranges of 520km and 620km under NEDC testing cycle. It is China's first cloud-based model equipped with Baidu's AVP (Apollo Valet Parking) solution.

The startup said the new SUV is able to perform Level 4 autonomous driving functions in specific scenarios. Armed with 5 77GHz millimeter-wave radars, 7 cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, the W6 can automatically complete a number of tasks like parking and car pick-up through the control of mobile phone applications.

The W6 retains many iconic design elements of WM Motor's products, such as the long and narrow headlights and the unmistakable logo. Besides, the fastback car body and the light strip running across the rear convey a great sense of sports.

The dimensions of 4,620 mm length, 1,847 mm width, 1,730 mm height and a wheelbase of 2,715 mm put the W6 squarely in the mid-sized SUV segment.