JAC Light trucks sales reached nearly 10,000 units in 2020, No. 1 Chinese automobile brand in Chile for 11 consecutive years
2021/03/30   From: JAC MOTORS

“The Country at the end of earth” - Chile has always been a high-end automotive market in South America, the global automotive brands gathered and the competition is extremely fierce. Chinese vehicles have already accounted for 16% of the market, surpassing the American brands to the third place. According to the data released by the National Automobile Association of Chile, in 2020, JAC trucks have achieved a cumulative terminal sales of 9000 units and continued to rank the first among Chinese brands. JAC Motors entered Chile market in 2008, after more than ten years of continuous efforts, at present both commercial vehicles and passenger cars have sound performance with full product portfolio. In addition, not only sell new vehicles, JAC Motors also has realized market consolidation and radiation through technology, brand, and production capacity cooperation, which has powerfully boosted to the awareness of Chinese enterprises by local consumers.
       Chile's truck market is shrinking in 2020 due to the global pandemic, however JAC trucks still ranks the first among Chinese brands with 6% of the market share, far ahead of other Chinese brands. In the segment of narrow cabin light truck, JAC trucks reaches 27.3% of the market share and ranks the first among all brands with product comfort, durability, safety and outstanding performance in economy.



One of the best-selling models, HFC1040, equipped with Ankang power 2.7CTI engine, 6 speed aluminum transmission and vacuum radial tire, has become the segment market leader. The excellent product meet the requirements of different customers, and has won the favor of users. In recent years, JAC Motors has enhanced the cooperation with Volkswagen in the field of commercial vehicles, and has made continuous breakthrough on new energy vehicles. JAC Motors will bring more better products of green and energy-saving electric light truck to Chile users. We aim to keep improving the user awareness by building the good reputation of “JAC to be the No. Choice from Chinese brands”.

In 2020, against the unusually severe market test, JAC Motors took the initiative to launch a "Hero salute" theme campaign in Chile, to send the warmest greetings to the trucker who fight in their work against the pandemic. From collecting theirs stories,we encouraged more people to join the fight against the pandemic. Sincere gratitude were expressed by local truckers to JAC Motors after receiving the anti-pandemic materials from JAC. Meanwhile, jointly worked with the local distributor, JAC has further improved the service capacity and improved the customer satisfaction. 

Under the influence of the environment, JAC Motors and the local partner have actively performed online promotions, a transformation from offline channels, shared use experience and knowledge of truck through live streams and short videos. We aim to actively benchmark against international brands, continuously pursue the realization of the goal "Buy truck, choose JAC”, and to bring better products to customers in Chile.