Down to 3.8L/100km, BYD Releases DM-i Hybrid System and Three Brand-new Hybrid Models
2021/02/24   From:BYD

  Shenzhen, China - On January 11, BYD officially released its all-new DM-i hybrid system and three brand-new models at a launch event in Shenzhen. The system uses BYD's plug-in hybrid technologies based mostly on electricity that delivers high speeds, while bringing a quiet, smooth ride that saves energy, making vehicles green and eco-friendly.

  The system brings fuel consumption down to 3.8L/100km, and the combined fuel and electric cruising range exceeds 1,200 km, while the acceleration time from 0-100 km/h is 2-3 seconds faster than that of similar fuel vehicles. It can provide a driving experience that feels like that of pure electric vehicles thanks to its unique technologies. Additionally, drivers will not worry about the cruising range or where to charge.


  With the DM-i hybrid system now being released for mass production, the three models equipped with the system - Qin PLUS DM-i, Song PLUS DM-i, and Tang DM-i - began pre-sales at the launch event.

  “The DM-i hybrid system is a masterpiece of BYD, which will play a role as a disruptor of fuel vehicles supremacy, said Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD. It will transform the consumption structure of the Chinese auto market and drive us closer to the dream of clean, green travel. We want the DM-i hybrid system to enter the market segment where traditional fuel vehicles are dominant, and help us to carve out our own space in this competitive field.

  The launch of the DM-i hybrid and the pre-sale of the new vehicles are milestone events for BYD, presenting a new starting point for the brand. Relying on the unique technical advantages of the DM-i hybrid system, the three new vehicles will shake up the rules of the game in the traditional fuel vehicle market, accelerate the shift towards green mobility.