The auto export slightly increased on yearly basis

  In February, the auto export continued to grow. This month, the volume was 57,000 units, down 30.9% than that of last month, but up 2.3% year on year. As seen by type, the passenger cars reached 36,000 units, down 32.8% than that of last month and down 10.8% year on year. And the commercial vehicles were 21,000 units, down 27.6% than that of last month, but up 36.9% year on year.

  For the first two months, the export reached 141,000 units, up 4% year on year. To be specific, the passenger cars reached 91,000 units, down 9.6% year on year; the commercial vehicles were 50,000 units, up 42.9% year on year.