The passenger cars declined yearly

  In January, the production and sales of passenger cars reached 1,995,000 and 2,021,000 units respectively, down 2.9% and 9.5% than that of last month, and down 14.4% and 17.7% year on year. The growth rate was lower than the overall by 2.3 percentage points and 2 percentage points.

  As for the passenger cars by type, comparing with the same period last year, all decreased more than 10% in sales. The production and sales of cars were down 14.2% and 14.9% respectively. Such figures for SUV were down 15.1% and 18.9%. For MPV, the production and sales were down 17% and 27.4%. For crossed passenger cars, the production was up 15.8%, while the sales down 26%.