NEVs enjoyed high-speed growth yearly

  In January, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 91 thousand units and 96 thousand units respectively, increasing 113% and 138% year on year. To be specific, the production and sales of BEV reached 67 thousand units and 75 thousand units, increasing 141.1% and 179.7% year on year; such figures for PHEV were 24 thousand units and 21 thousand units, increasing 59.9% and 54.6% year on year.

  As seen by type, the production and sales of NEV passenger cars reached 82 thousand units and 85 thousand units respectively, increasing 115.9% and 138.3% year on year. Such figures for NEV commercial vehicles were 9 thousand units and 11 thousand units, increasing 90.1% and 135.1% year on year.