Human Resource Quality of China

Human Resource Quality of China

■ Employee Educational Levels 

2018 statistics showed that among the nation’s employed, 1.1% had obtained a higher vocational education degree; 9.7% had a junior college degree; 8.5% had a bachelor's degree; and 0.9% held a master’s degree. The latter three figures had increased compared with 2017. 

■ Employee Skills 

China has continuously invested in the development of professional technical human resources and the training of highskilled talents, supplying enterprises with sufficient number of high-quality talent. 

• Professional technical personnel: By the end of 2018, 29.13 million persons had obtained various professional qualification certificates, 2.93 million more than the previous year. 

• Skill training: In 2018, 16.51 million persons were provided with vocational training (8.53 million were given preemployment training, 5.52 million on-thejob training for skill improvement, 2.01 million entrepreneurship training, and 450,000 trained in other areas). 

• Occupational skill certification: As of the end of 2018, China had 8,912 professional skill certifying agencies and 250,000 professional skill appraisers. Throughout the year, 11.35 million people applied for occupation skill accreditation, with 9.03 million obtaining professional certificates (among them, 350,000 obtained technician or senior technician certificates). 

• Technical schools: As of the end of 2018, there were 3,416,000 students registered at 2,379 technical schools across the country. Throughout the year, technical schools provided training for 4,206,000 trainees.