Energy Supply of China

Energy Supply of China 

In 2018, China's total investment in energy reached USD 381 billion, ranking first in the world. Supplies of water, power, gas, and other energy were all stable. 

■ Power Supply Capacity 

In 2019, China's power generating capacity was 7,503.43 billion kilowatthours, accounting for one-fourth of the world's total generating capacity. In the first half of 2019, the average reliability of the national power grid in urban areas was 99.95%; in rural areas, it was 99.82%. Adequate power capacity and reliable power supply are strong guarantees for enterprise operation and development. 

■ Water Supply 

China actively promotes water conservancy construction. So far, China has built 98,822 reservoirs of various types, with the total capacity reaching 895.3 billion cubic meters.

■ Gas Market 

In 2019, China generated 173.62 billion cubic meters of gas, marking the eighth consecutive year with production over 100 billion cubic meters. To ensure a steady gas market, Chinese oil and gas companies are striving to optimize the domestic distribution of gas, coordinate and expand the import of natural gas, improve facilities for gas transmission and storage, and promote connectivity of the pipe network.