The member meeting of the ICV Industry Ecological Alliance was successfully held in Beijing

The  member meeting of the ICV Industry Ecological Alliance was successfully held in Beijing

Source: 汽车纵横网 ( Release time: 2020-09-28

On September 28, 2020, the ICV Industry Ecological Summit and the Member Conference  were successfully held in Beijing. More than 120 guests from automobile companies, mobile terminal companies, Internet companies, testing and certification institutions, and scientific research institutes participated in the conference and witnessed the release of the results achieved by the ICV Ecological Alliance since its establishment. The integrated ecosystem of the world contributes wisdom and suggestions.

At present, the automotive industry is facing major opportunities for intelligence and digital transformation. The commercialization of intelligent networked automotive products has entered the fast lane; at the same time, the intelligent mobile terminal industry is also showing vigor, and mobile phones have been integrated into all aspects of modern society and become people’s information Central and full-time digital tools. Smart cars and smart mobile terminals are being closely integrated and developing in depth, and the integration of the two major industries in terms of technology, ecology and even talents is getting closer.

In this context, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers initiated the establishment of China's first cross-border industrial alliance for mobile smart terminals and the automotive industry at the end of 2019-the intelligent vehicle alliance industry ecological alliance. There are several main business directions under the alliance, such as the digital car key working group, the mobile phone-car interconnection working group, and the automobile data management working group. The alliance aims to promote the interconnection and user experience between automobiles and mobile terminals, to create a cross-industry and cross-domain common platform and ecosystem, and to lead industry development and innovation.

Ye Shengji, chief engineer and deputy secretary-general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, attended the conference and delivered a speech on behalf of the chairman unit of the alliance. He pointed out that the mission of the alliance is to gather industry forces to jointly build a mobile terminal and automobile interconnection and collaboration ecosystem; formulate interconnection standards to promote exchanges and in-depth cooperation between related industries; reduce industrial fragmentation, face commercial success, and effectively promote industrial health Orderly development; he also said that the alliance has achieved remarkable results for most of the past six months, and various tasks have been carried out fruitfully. It is hoped that the alliance will not forget its original intention and continue to strive to play an active role in promoting technological innovation and leading the development of the industry.

The meeting also invited the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department of Equipment Industry, China Quality Certification Center and other competent departments and authoritative organizations, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Tongji University and other think tanks and institutions of higher learning, Huawei Terminal, Roland Berger, Ekatong Many experts from companies in the industry, such as Technology, Changan Automobile, Weilai Automobile, Dekai Certification, etc., delivered keynote speeches and exchanged ideas.

At the Smart Vehicle Industry Ecological Summit and the 2020 Member Conference of the Smart Vehicle Industry Ecological Alliance, a number of alliance work results were released.

The meeting officially released the "General Requirements for Digital Car Key System". This standard is an important step taken by the Alliance in standard construction, and the results have been quickly applied to the industry. The Digital Car Key Working Group was established under the background of the current general trend of the migration of physical car keys to digital car keys. It provides a basis for better car companies, terminal manufacturers and solution providers in docking car key business. Solve compatibility issues and reduce customization costs. The composition of the entire standard series will include a set of overall technical requirements, a sub-volume adapted to a variety of underlying communication technologies, and a development guide to help facilitate the development of various links in the industry chain. The compilation of the current development guide booklet is also about to start, which will help members to develop and connect more easily.

The conference officially released the "Mobile Phone-Car Interconnection White Paper". This white paper is the first industry consensus between the automotive industry and the smart phone industry created by the Alliance Mobile Phone-Automobile Interconnection Working Group, aiming to create a "highway" for the co-evolution and development of mobile phones and automobiles. Through a systematic review of the status quo and development trends of the industry, the working group elaborated in the white paper the needs of 20 scenarios for mobile-car interconnection, the technological architecture for future co-evolution, and the value to car manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers, mobile applications and end consumers. , Clarified the scope of interconnection standards, standard formulation plans and recent work priorities, laying the foundation for the next step to formally develop and implement related standards.